Should we rename the Association?

Should we rename the Association?

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      Fabrice Caporal

      The stated mission of the association "is to promote awareness, growth, and development of the truffle industry in North America." To stay congruent with the mission statement the association name should be inclusive of all players in the Truffle Industry.

      I am proposing that the association be renamed the North American Truffle Association (NATA), and have North American Truffle Growers Association be a chapter of the association, next to the North American Truffle Dog Association, the North American Truffle Restaurateurs Association, the North American Truffle Nurseries Association, and so on.

      To be successful in our mission we need to be inclusive of all players. Everyone should have a say, and, yes, a vote in the decisions that define the future of our burgeoning industry. What do you think?

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      Elise Baker

      Interesting topic. I am considering starting a TN truffle growers association to bring more attention to this area and your reasoning behind the change may impact my decision. I’m still in the process of looking for property. I made an offer on it, but they countered out of my price range. I’m hoping a local association may open grant funding and partnership opportunities.

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