Black Truffle
GoalsBenefitsDeliveryDue Date/Status
Survey members research goals-annually1) Stakeholder Relevance.
2) Key component of Grant Funding Requirements.
Annual Membership Survey Summary – 20214Q of each year.
Completed: 10/6/2021
Develop Application to request NATGA’s participation in research opportunities.1) Endorsed Research: Academics & Scientists.
2) Supported Research: Members.
3) Sponsored Research: FOF Grad students post grads
NATGA Application for Collaborative Research (ACR) posted to Research Task Force opportunities. 1Q 2022
Completed: TBD
Fund our Future (FOF) Documentation1) Promote Truffle Agronomy
2) Develop scientific resources at the grad/post grad level.
3) Endowment-Fund Raising.
4) Transparency with detailed funding documentation
FOF Documentation posted to Research Task Force opportunities. 2Q 022
Completed: TBD
Development of Research Advisory Board (RAB)1) Transparency in reviewing & rewarding grants of Application for Collaborative Research (ACR)
2) Support member Interests
3) Obtain letters of support
4) Define data ownership, promotion and storage.
5) Determine Research ownership
6) Provide Letter of Understanding.
Solicitation of Board members
Develop Documentation
Manage Grant Process
2Q 2022
Research ArchiveRisk Transfer to reliable resources
1) Develop engagement with outside resources.
2) USDA Grant details i.e. Specialty Crop Research Initiative (SCRI)
3) Listing of Farm Advisor resources.
Website Portal AccessOngoing