Black Truffle

Committee Members:

  • Dr. Shannon Berch PhD., President of the Truffle Association of British Columbia
  • Bill Bodregi
  • Ken Fry, President at Eagle Truffles
  • Lisa Merechi
  • Staci O’Toole, Task Force Chair – Proprietor at Tesoro Mio Truffle Ranch

Vision Statement

The Research Task Force will empower NATGA to engage with research proponents in unification with our Mission Statement and in a transparent, equitable and defensible way. In so doing we can transfer the risk of research away from the growers and to professional researchers and academics.

The objective of the research task force is to define and develop actionable, usable and applicable resources derived from academic, public and private research and data sources. To liaise with the academic research community to facilitate collaboration between scientists and NATGA-member cultivators.


Research Task Force Strategic Plan 2022

Research Opportunities

Research Archives

Research Advisory Board

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