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Category: Resources

The need for proper edible mycorrhizal fungi (EMF) cultivation trials: How plantation management impacts yields by Dr. Alexis Guerin

Knowing how plantation management affects the yield of edible mycorrhizal fungi (EMF) is both a new and complex issue. We are virtually inexperienced compared to most other horticultural sectors. EMF production also relies on the symbiotic interaction with host trees. The variable success obtained with truffle cultivation worldwide speaks for itself: a true cultivation remains to be invented. The current lack of knowledge is also a great research opportunity: so much can be learned if only we invest in it. Since no research work has yet addressed this question on truffles, I will present the monitoring of the yield of a mycorrhizal mushroom: saffron milk cap.

Understanding Basic Principles for Black Truffle Cultivation by Christine Fischer

This introductory NATGA webinar will provide a foundation to the science and ecology of Tuber melanosporum. With this knowledge and understanding we are better prepared to evaluate and make decisions for the establishment and management of a Black Truffle orchard from the onset of the inclination to be a truffle farmer through the realization of that dream. A strong foundation helps to inform good practices.