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Photo of Caroline Lindstedt

Caroline Lindstedt

With her trained truffle dogs she performs truffle orchard surveys in the Pacific Northwest. She also offers harvesting and sales of Oregon native truffles, Tuber oregonense,  Tuber gibbosum,  Leucangium carthusianum and Kalapuya brunnea.

Photo of Lois Martin

Lois Martin

KPA-CTP Truffle Dog Company Team Member: Instructor, Public Relations Ambassador Owner/ Operator at Atomic Dog Training

Photo of Michael Riggan

Michael Riggan

Elora and Michael hunt primarily in North Carolina and Virginia but have gone as far as Texas and upstate New York. Elora is proficient in hunting perigord, bianchetto, pecan truffles, Appalachian truffles, burgundy truffles, and has trained on Oregon black and white truffles.

Photo of The Truffle Hunters

The Truffle Hunters

Professional team that hunt and successfully harvest orchard planted truffles as well as wild, native truffles since 2010.

Photo of Truffle Dog Company

Truffle Dog Company

Truffle Dog Company is a global source for online truffle dog training, native truffle sales, harvesting services for orchards, consultation services and in person training for professional and recreational truffle dog teams.

Photo of Petra Vasilik

Petra Vasilik

RVT, VTS (IM-Cardiology), CCMT, CSCC

Petra, owner, handler and trainer of her two truffle dogs, travels within a 3-4 hour radius of Cary, NC.  Both of her dogs (see bio) are successful and reliable at locating Perigord (T.melanosporum), black summer truffle (T.aestivum), and the indigenous pecan truffle (T.lyonii) and Blue Ridge truffle (I.gigantea).  Petra’s main goal is for her dogs to always have fun and have a successful hunt.

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