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Optimal conditions for truffles: Using irrigation to expand the range – TRAPI

Successful production of truffles requires critical information on optimal soil and climate conditions.Ā  These conditions dictate where truffles should be introduced, and the amendments needed to assure adequate yields. In this TRAPI webinar we discuss the optimal conditions for both European truffles and native North American truffles.Ā  Irrigation is a critical amendment to achieve optimal soil moisture and to extend yield potential into arid environments.Ā  We review what little is known about moisture requirements and discuss well-tested methods used to schedule irrigation to achieve target moisture conditions.

Unearthing the Appalachianā€¦or, Can I Lick Your Bottom, canaliculatum. (An important mnemonic device) by Ben Kable

Webinar recorded July 18 2022

As the twinkling of the last star fades
The morning mists arise
The secrets of the forest lie
Beneath their earthly guise

The mossy duff exudes
An ancient aromatic lure
Of reproductive readiness
Irresistible and pure

A bouquet of love, and want and spice
Rivulets arise
Invisible on morning air Belie
A subterranean surprise

The damp silence, split by echoes
The jingle of a dog
The gravel crunches underfoot
In the eastern mountain fog

The huffing puffing quadruped
Detects the ancient scent
His head snaps to, he drops his nose
To find the hunts intent

He circles against the gradient
Of biochemical diffusion
A miracle of mammalian
Olfactory evolution

A cool dawn breeze amongst the trees
The leaves, the spruce duff rustle
A frantic paw pulls back the moss –
The Appalachian truffle

Is Tuber brumale a Threat to T. melanosporum and T. aestivum Plantations?

i F o r e s t: Biogeosciences and Forestry, Research Article: True truffles in the genus Tuber are the most valuable ectomycorrhizal fungi and their cultivation has become widespread around the world. Competition with other ectomycorrhizal fungi and especially with undesired Tuber species