Optimal conditions for truffles: Using irrigation to expand the range – TRAPI

Optimal conditions for truffles: Using irrigation to expand the range – TRAPI

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Optimal conditions for truffles: Using irrigation to expand the range – TRAPI

March 20 @ 1:00 pm 2:00 pm EDT

A TRAPI Webinar

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Successful production of truffles requires critical information on optimal soil and climate conditions.  These conditions dictate where truffles should be introduced, and the amendments needed to assure adequate yields. In this TRAPI webinar we discuss the optimal conditions for both European truffles and native North American truffles.  Irrigation is a critical amendment to achieve optimal soil moisture and to extend yield potential into arid environments.  We review what little is known about moisture requirements and discuss well-tested methods used to schedule irrigation to achieve target moisture conditions.

  •  Aziz Turkoglu will talk about optimal conditions for European truffles. 
  • Gonzalo Guevara will talk about North American truffles and their requirements
  • Mark Coleman will give a brief introduction about known soil moisture targets
  • Robert Heinse will talk about irrigation scheduling to meet those targets


Photo of Mark Coleman

Mark Coleman

Forestry Faculty

TRAPI project director. Forestry Faculty at University of Idaho for the past thirteen years.

Photo of Gonzalo Guevara Guerrero

Gonzalo Guevara Guerrero

Gonzalo Guevara Guerrero, was born in Monterrey, Mexico, began his interest in higher fungi when he was an undergraduate biology student at Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, and his thesis was on Taxonomy and Systematics of edible mycorrhizal fungi from the forests of the northeastern region of Mexico, being published in 1985. He continued his postgraduate studies and obtained his PhD degree (UANL) with the thesis on molecular taxonomic studies in the species of the genus Cantharellus of México.…

Photo of Robert Heinse

Robert Heinse

Associate Professor

Dr. Heinse’s interests revolve around water in the soil environment and the characterization using geophysical methods.

Photo of Aziz Turkoglu

Aziz Turkoglu

Affiliate Professor

Aziz Turkoglu is a mycology professor, currently Affiliate Professor at University of Washington School of Environmental and Forest Sciences. He operates Alpine Truffle, LLC as a truffle specialist.

North American Truffle Growers Association (NATGA)

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