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Tag: amendment

Trees and Truffles – Partners in Grime – TRAPI

This talk focus on optimal tree host nutrition for truffle production. I cover the basics of tree nutrition and soil nutrient availability, highlighting special nutritional characteristics of trees. Target ranges of foliar nutrients for truffle production and the challenge of optimizing tree nutrition in basic soils is discussed. I will review methods of foliar nutrient analysis and suggest avenues for future research.

Edaphic and temporal patterns of Tuber melanosporum fruitbody traits and efect of localised peatbased amendment

In Tuber melanosporum cultivation, fruitbody traits are gaining relevance due to their increasing prominence on prices. We investigated the edaphic and temporal patterns of fruitbody traits and characterised the efect of trufe nests (localised peat-based amendment supplemented with T. melanosporum spores) on traits.