Black Truffle

February 26 @ 1:00 pm 2:00 pm EST

Truffle farming in North America is a new and complex agricultural movement that is gaining traction. Many new orchards are being planted and many scientists around the world are busy trying to understand the complexity of the microscopic underground fungus that creates the amazing truffle. While much time and money is spent on the soil best suited for the truffle, the trees that are associated with it must also be properly cared for.

Today we are fortunate to have the chance to produce a tutorial concerning the proper pruning maintenance to keep your orchard healthy.

Joining Fran Angerer at his Geyserville, CA orchard are Stephanie Jarvis of Pacific Truffle Growers and Brian Gleason of INFACO, USA. They will be showing the proper use of handheld power tools and pruning methods to maintain a healthy orchard.

At the conclusion of the videos we will have time  for questions.


Photo of Fran Angerer

Fran Angerer

Artistic Truffle Farmer, Local Defacto Truffle Meister

Chair for Marketing & Education Task Force
NATGA Member since 2019

Photo of Stephanie Jarvis

Stephanie Jarvis

Mycologist, Owner

In 2010 Stephanie Jarvis began her consultation company, Pacific Truffle Growers (PTG) due to multiple requests to rehabilitate unproductive truffle orchards. She manages truffle orchards throughout Northern California and currently assists clients in Oregon, Washington and most recently – North Carolina.

Important Resources:

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Introduction – Video 1
Tool basics – Video 2
Basic Pruning – Video 3

North American Truffle Growers Association (NATGA)

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