Having the right tools is half the battle – TRAPI


Having the right tools is half the battle. Todays Genetic Tools to help measure success for increased Truffle Production. This is NATGA's first webinar under the TRAPI umbrella.

[Webinar] Trees and Truffles – Partners in Grime – TRAPI 


This talk will focus on optimal tree host nutrition for truffle production. I will cover the basics of tree nutrition and soil nutrient availability, highlighting special nutritional characteristics of trees. Target ranges of foliar nutrients for truffle production and the challenge of optimizing tree nutrition in basic soils will be discussed. I will review methods of foliar nutrient analysis and suggest avenues for future research.

[Webinar] Cooking with Truffles, Made Easy


View Recording Are you swimming in truffles (as we all aspire to be!) and don’t know what to do with the bounty? Or are you experimenting with your first truffle in the kitchen and don’t know where to start? Or have you had one too many truffle dishes at a fancy restaurant, but still haven’t […]

Building a research collaboration – TRAPI


Scientific research on improving North American (NA) truffle production is very limited. Yet, there are some talented NA research and extension scientists that are very interested in supporting growth of the NA truffle industry by testing ways to improve truffle yields. The planning grant called “TRAPI: Truffle Research and Production Initiative” was awarded to University of Idaho in September 2022 with the support of numerous NATGA members.

WEEDS and PESTS – Love ‘em or Leave ‘em – TRAPI


View Recording Managing weeds can be a challenge in truffle orchards while insects and other invertebrate pests are a significant threat to truffle quality and yields. Weeds in many orchard systems are effectively controlled at low cost using herbicides, but there are potential risks that residues will affect truffle quality and quality, so many growers […]

But What About The Trees? A Tutorial On Pruning Truffle Trees


Truffle farming in North America is a new and complex agricultural movement that is gaining traction. Many new orchards are being planted and many scientists around the world are busy trying to understand the complexity of the microscopic underground fungus that creates the amazing truffle. While much time and money is spent on the soil […]

Review and Discuss Results of Truffle Growers 2023 Survey

Invitation Only Webinar  Complete the Growers Survey to get invitation to webinar! NATGA is offering a very special opportunity for everyone completing this year’s survey—a “Special Invitation-Only Webinar” for all growers completing the survey to join the Survey Research Team in an exclusive review of preliminary data and an in-depth, interactive discussion of the current […]