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      Fabrice Caporal

      It came to my attention that many of us started our orchards without completing a business plan. If your intention for the orchard is beyond the hobby, I strongly recommend that you complete one. The Financial Plan is one of the main elements of the business plan that can help you evaluate potential income and expenses tied to your venture and assess the soundness of your investment.

      Follow this link to create a copy of your own Financial Plan.

      This is a Google Sheet document I have created for our Orchard. Please note that I am not a financial professional, and that I am not qualified to give any financial advice and that I am not making any guarantee to the accuracy or completeness of this tool. Feel free to use it as a starting point for your own project but use common sense and judgement.

      Have fun!

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      Elizabeth Clark


      Thank you for this valuable information.  It is very helpful to someone exploring the many nuances of truffle farming to include setting up a business plan.

      Elizabeth Clark



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      Elise Baker

      Hi Fabrice,

      I’m looking forward to seeing how your plan compares to mine. I had to have one to apply for grant funding and it was of course an onerous task not being a financial planning professional myself.

      Thanks for posting this information!


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