Growing Truffles in Alabama?

Growing Truffles in Alabama?

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    Mel Gilmer

    I’m interested in growing truffles in central Alabama.  Is that possible given our location (32 16 40N   87 03 49W,  elevation 186)?  We have some calcareous clay loam/sandy clay soils with pH of 7.8 and various other loamy soils with pH of 5.6.  We can grow many species of oak, poplar and pine (soil type dependent).  Your thoughts?

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      Fabrice Caporal

      Welcome to the forum Mel. Let me copy here the answer I gave you on email.

      To my knowledge we don’t have members from Alabama, but we do have members in Mississippi, Tennessee and Georgia, so I would assume that you could probably grow truffles in Alabama. There are many different truffle species to consider and my understanding is that the Pecan Truffles are endemic to your region.

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