The TRAPI North American Truffle Scientist Gathering in Seattle

The TRAPI North American Truffle Scientist Gathering in Seattle

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    Ken Fry

    In an unprecedented event this past July, a group of passionate North American scientists congregated in Seattle for a historic meeting with a significant mission. Led by  Dr. Mark Coleman from the University of Idaho, the scientists came together to conduct a transformative workshop, joined by 4 truffle farmers representing distinct U.S. truffle growing regions.

    The primary aim of this momentous gathering was to collaboratively create an ambitious truffle-related research grant proposal to be submitted to the USDA. The scientists were determined to advance the truffle industry in North America and maximize its potential.

    During the meeting, several crucial agenda items were discussed and finalized to shape the future of truffle research. The key points covered included:

    • Establishing clear research and extension objectives for the proposed grant.
    • Carefully selecting the most appropriate grant type to support their objectives effectively.
    • Outlining comprehensive grant activities to ensure a well-rounded approach.
    • Assigning specific responsibilities for proposal writing to leverage each scientist’s expertise.
    • Presenting a detailed work plan and timeline to keep the project on track.
    • Deliberating resource requirements to create a well-structured budget for the research endeavor.

    The overarching focus of this research effort is to unlock the full potential of truffle yields and revolutionize the North American truffle market. The scientists are determined to explore innovative ways to increase truffle production and foster growth within the industry.

    With their combined expertise and dedication to the cause, this collaborative effort promises to be a significant leap forward in truffle research and pave the way for a thriving North American truffle market.

    Stay tuned for further updates on this groundbreaking project as it unfolds!


    Scientist attendees: Mark Coleman, Greg Bonito, Aziz Turkoglu, Becky Love, Charles Lefevre, Elva Arechiga,  Gavin Kernaghan, Jason Winfree, Jyoti Sharma, Matt Smith, Natalie Carreon, Patrick Hatzenbueler, Robert Heinse, Roberto Garibay, Shannon Berch, Becky Loverock, Gonzalo Guevara-Guerrero

    Farmer attendees: Karen Passafaro, Margaret Townsend, Ken Fry, Brian Upchurch


    A few pictures from the event


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      Fran Angerer


      Thank you for posting this information.


      Fran Angerer

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