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Consultant and consulting services around the truffle industry

Photo of A&L Western Laboratories

A&L Western Laboratories

A & L Western Agricultural Laboratories offers many consulting services. These services include field consultations and report interpretations.

Photo of Brian Allen

Brian Allen

Brian Allen is a research specialist at the University of California Cooperative Extension office in Jackson, CA. He is developing a truffle genetic and microscopy testing service lab to meet industry demand with guidance from researchers and truffle growers.
Webinars and Presentations

Photo of Alpine Truffle

Alpine Truffle

Alpine Truffle, LLC is a family company, proficient in truffle cultivation to improve truffle industry– locally, nationally, and globally.

Photo of Dr. Shannon Berch

Shannon Berch


Shannon Berch retired in 2019 from and is now an Emerita Research Scientist with the British Columbia Ministry of Environment; she is also an adjunct professor with the Faculty of Land and Food Systems and an associate member in Botany at the University of British Columbia. Dr. Bryce Kendrick kindled her interest in mycology during an undergraduate course he taught at the University of Waterloo.…

Photo of Dr. Gregory Bonito

Gregory Bonito

Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor of Mycology, plant-fungal interactions, truffle ecology, & evolution of bacterial endosymbiosis in fungi.

Prof. Bonito studies ecology & evolution of plant-fungal-bacterial associations, with a particular interest in below ground root associated fungi including truffles, mushrooms & molds. These organisms provide important links between plants & soils & are functionally important to plant health & nutrition, nutrient cycles, & energy flows.…

Photo of Mark Coleman

Mark Coleman

Forestry Faculty

TRAPI project director. Forestry Faculty at University of Idaho for the past thirteen years.

Photo of Dr. Christine Fischer

Christine Fischer

Forest Ecologist

Christine Fischer is a forest ecologist with a special focus on mycorrhizal fungi. During the past 25 years she has worked with a team of researchers on the ecology and cultivation of Black Truffles in Spain at the Forest Science Center of Catalonia (CTFC), where she led a program for the certification of truffle seedlings. She teaches workshops on microscopic and molecular techniques for the study of ectomycorrhizal fungi, and has participated in national and international projects and meetings, collaborating on more than 50 scientific and educational publications.

Photo of Garland Truffles, Inc.

Garland Truffles, Inc.

Supplier of black Périgord and Burgundy truffle inoculated trees. We keep a substantial inventory. Trees are available year round. We also conduct truffle cultivation workshops.

Photo of Stephanie Jarvis

Stephanie Jarvis

Mycologist, Owner

In 2010 Stephanie Jarvis began her consultation company, Pacific Truffle Growers (PTG) due to multiple requests to rehabilitate unproductive truffle orchards. She manages truffle orchards throughout Northern California and currently assists clients in Oregon, Washington and most recently – North Carolina.

Photo of Ben Lemmond

Ben Lemmond

Ph.D. student

Ph.D. student at the University of Florida working on several projects related to the ecology and systematics of ascomycete truffle fungi.

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