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Photo of Infaco USA

Infaco USA

After 30 years of success in Europe, Asia, and Australia the growing demand in the United States prompted Infaco to open their only subsidiary in Livermore, CA. Infaco USA is now ready to serve you. After over 6 years of research, tests and fine-tuning, INFACO is proud to present its latest model of pruning shears with more cutting power Lighter, more compact easier to handle than previous generations.

Photo of Stephanie Jarvis

Stephanie Jarvis

Mycologist, Owner

In 2010 Stephanie Jarvis began her consultation company, Pacific Truffle Growers (PTG) due to multiple requests to rehabilitate unproductive truffle orchards. She manages truffle orchards throughout Northern California and currently assists clients in Oregon, Washington and most recently – North Carolina.

Photo of Lake View Pecans

Lake View Pecans

Growers of pecans, pecan trees, pecan truffles and inoculated seedlings.

Photo of Ben Lemmond

Ben Lemmond

Ph.D. student

Ph.D. student at the University of Florida working on several projects related to the ecology and systematics of ascomycete truffle fungi.

Photo of Caroline Lindstedt

Caroline Lindstedt

With her trained truffle dogs she performs truffle orchard surveys in the Pacific Northwest. She also offers harvesting and sales of Oregon native truffles, Tuber oregonense,  Tuber gibbosum,  Leucangium carthusianum and Kalapuya brunnea.

Photo of Lois Martin

Lois Martin

KPA-CTP Truffle Dog Company Team Member: Instructor, Public Relations Ambassador Owner/ Operator at Atomic Dog Training

Photo of Inga Meadows

Inga Meadows

Extension Plant Pathologist

Inga Meadows is an Extension Plant Pathologist for Vegetables (primarily tomato) & Herbaceous Ornamentals, Department of Entomology & Plant Pathology. She addresses disease issues for commercial vegetables & greenhouse growers by providing recommendations for disease prevention or suppression. Her program conducts research aimed at improving tools for managing disease.

Photo of MicoLab


MicoLab is a company based in Spain that provides worldwide services for truffle growers and nurseries in the lines of consultancy, analyses and technical trainings.



We a are a biotechnology company that researches, develops and markets technologies and products for the cultivation of truffles.

Photo of Marcos Morcillo

Marcos Morcillo


Marcos Morcillo is the founder and director of the Micrologia Forestal and Aplicada research center outside Barcelona.
The MF&A specializes in Truffles and truffles has been the focus of his career since graduating from the University of Barcelona in 1994.  In 2007, Marcos and his partners established their own truffle orchard, of more than 4.000 trees, inoculated with Tuber melanosporum and Tuber borchii. The research center offers excellent courses on all aspects of growing truffles.

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