Black Truffle
Chair, Lisa Bodrogi

Consistent with the Mission of NATGA, the Agribusiness Management Task Force will accumulate information regarding best management practices for growing and maintenance of a Truffle Orchard. While truffle growing is starting to expand as a viable crop, it is incumbent upon early adopters to set the stage for a truffle production future in North America. Regardless of where you live in North America, there are a plethora of regulatory agencies that have a limited and focused view on industry practices.

By establishing Best Management Practices and credibility in NATGA, the industry can be positioned to self-regulate and educate regulators when they start looking closely at the industry. This will benefit the industry greatly by being proactive vs. reactive when regulators want to start establishing their own set of regulatory standards and guidelines for the industry. Forward progress has already been made in the Agribusiness Task Force through the development of the online forum. This is a place where growers and practitioners can exchange information, pose/answer questions, and share personal experience in these forums:

  • Cultivating Truffles: to discuss technical practices around truffle farming.
  • Equipment: To discuss equipment use in the orchard. Focusing on answering the questions around the type of equipment is needed for every specific jobs around the orchard.
  • Reviews: To share your personal experience and reviews about equipment used in and around the farm.

Please feel free to suggest other ideas for forums that are relevant to our truffle community.

Participating in the Agribusiness Management Task Force

The Chair, Lisa Bodrogi, is from California with extensive experience helping farmers and ranchers navigate through the regulatory maze. She has a passion for agriculture and has served on Boards such as the California Women for Agriculture, Wine Industry Task Force and Resource Conservation District. She is an Alumni of the esteemed California Agricultural Leadership Program who grow leaders to make a difference. Lisa retired from a 30-year career working within the regulatory framework and as a private consultant and policy advocate for agriculture. She recognizes the importance of gathering input and assistance from the broader perspectives and challenges facing NATGA growers. To this point, she is looking for several volunteers from various regions throughout NATGA territory to assist with this important Task Force.

Please use this form to contact the Task Force Chair and volunteer your time:

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