Agribusiness Management Task Force

Chair, Lisa Bodrogi

The Agribusiness Management Task Force will focus on the “technical” aspects of truffle farming and will strive in answering the “HOW” questions about truffle farming.

Participate in the Agribusiness Management Task Force

Anyone of you can become a valuable resource to the association by contributing to the forums on this site. You can particularly pose/answer questions, and share your personal experience in these forums:

  • Cultivating Truffles: to discuss technical practices around truffle farming.
  • Equipment: To discuss equipment use in the orchard. Focusing on answering the questions around the type of equipment is needed for every specific jobs around the orchard.
  • Reviews: To share your personal experience and reviews about equipment used in and around the farm.

Please feel free to suggest other idea of Forum that will be relevant to the community.

Volunteer Needed:

We are looking for at least two volunteers to help with this Task Force.

  • A coordinator, whose responsibility will be to make sure that team members are staying on track with tasks and that all tasks are coordinated.
  • A task leader for identifying grants, subsidies, loans, insurances available to truffle farmers.

Please use this form to contact the Task Force Leaders and volunteer your time

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